Add-ons, features & prices

Depending on the add-ons that you choose for your Hotelist installation, the cost changes to suit your needs. All add-ons can be enabled separately, giving you the maximum possible flexibility so that you can create the package you are interested in.


Extend the functionality of Hotelist with the following add-ons (*depends on the Base installation)

Invoice manager

Issue, print & manage Invoices, with automatic VAT calculation and cash receipt printing (usability depends on your country).
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form €7.50 / month


Hotelist - Breakfast & Cleaning


Issue daily cleaning and breakfast program, with the possibility to create custom housekeeping actions (cleaning, change sheets etc) based on room type and interval (daily, every 3 days etc).

from €4.50 / month


Email Tools

Automated messages & Email Marketing (3000 messages/month). Start Email campaigns with every booking/cancellation. 
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from €7.50 / month


Hotelist - Checkin Spot

Check-in Spot (collect client information)

Collect your visitors information via a tablet or computer. Your client fills in a simple form during check-in, which gets saved on their profile inside Hotelist.

from €5.00 / month


Hotelist - Checkin Spot

Social Media Manager

Αυτόματη εύρεση άρθρων μέσω λέξεων κλειδιών σχετικών με το ξενοδοχείο σας, για δημοσίευση στα Social Media με το πάτημα ενός κουμπιού.

από €3.50 / μήνα


Hotelist - Checkin Spot

Guest Book

Manage check-ins and check-outs and automatic creation of check-in/checkout log.

from €5.00 / month


*Prices don't include VAT (where applicable)


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